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Regular Power (RP) Graphite Electrodes


Jianglong Regular Power (RP) Graphite Electrode is made of high-quality petroleum coke and pitch, through calcination, batching, kneading, molding, baking, graphitization, machining, and the Graphite Electrode Nipple is made by three times impregnation and four times baking process.


  • Great chemical stability;
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion, resistance to cracking, spalling and thermal shock;
  • Higher mechanical strength;
  • Higher machining accuracy and good surface finish;
  • Long operation life.


Jianglong Regular Power (RP) Graphite Electrodes are suitable for all kinds of AC/DC Regular Power Electric Arc Furnaces, Resistance Furnaces, Submerged Electric Furnaces for smelting all kinds of alloy steel, metal, non-metal, etc.

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