Jianglong Carbon Group will participate in METAL-EXPO 2019, the international metallurgical casting steel exhibition in Russia


Introduction of the exhibition

The 25th International Metallurgical Exhibition of Russia 2019 is one of the world’s most famous metallurgical exhibitions, and is currently the largest metallurgical exhibition in Russia. Since its inception, the exhibition has contributed to the development of the Russian steel industry and has strengthened communication between Russia and the world steel industry. The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the All-Russian Exhibition Center, the Russian Association of Metal and Steel Traders, the Union of International Fairs (UFI), the Russian Federation of Metal Exporters, the International Metal Federation, the Exhibition Federation of Russia, CIS and Baltic States, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc.

Market Background

Russia has a strong industrial base with a wide range of sectors, mainly machinery, steel, metallurgy, energy and heavy chemical industries. As the basic industry of the national economy, the steel industry occupies an important position in Russia’s economic development. After more than a decade of adjustment since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian industry has shown strong growth momentum, with Russia’s GDP growing by 8.1% year-on-year in 2016, or about $1.35 trillion, and per capita GDP approaching $9,500. With the rapid development of the economy, the steel industry has fully recovered, and some steel products are in short supply, with demand outstripping supply.

China’s refractory materials, spare parts, continuous casting technology, stainless steel, pipes, construction steel, automotive steel, and testing and monitoring instruments, technical equipment, etc. have a strong competitive market prospect in Russia. China and Russia are close neighbors with obvious geopolitical advantages. It is important to promote the rapid development of China-Russia steel trade and economic and technical cooperation, and to seize the high ground in the Russian steel market by pushing our metallurgical equipment, technology and products to the Russian market.

Scope of Exhibits

1. Steel: manufacturing and production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals; all kinds of steel pipes; all kinds of profiles and plates; stainless steel, special steel and all kinds of alloy materials; all kinds of metal wire: electrodes and carbon products; metal processing equipment, tools, technology, etc.; testing and control system; casting production process and technology; refractory materials and metallurgical furnace materials; steel service center and storage; transportation and logistics; e-commerce and information technology etc.

2. Steel and non-ferrous metal industry machinery and equipment: a variety of steel machinery, smelting furnace, rolling equipment, pickling equipment, flexible steel / sheet metal processing, stamping / punching / cutting equipment, flexible steel / sheet metal forming, steel coil manufacturing / processing, metal cross-cutting machine / equipment / production line, metal slitting / slitting machine, metal serpentine / hose processing, uncoiler / uncoiler / coil pulling machine, metal wire channel, air conditioning pipe forming machine, metal pipe, metal plate/beam/bar processing and manufacturing line, steel plate/color steel plate/metal sheet processing elements, various machinery and equipment for iron out yard, band saw machine/bar/machinery, metal plate/chip/roll processing, rolling steel/metal sheet, roll bender/rolling corner/roller coil machine/, metal/steel coil bending machine/drawing bender or other bending machine, flanging machine, press bender, shearing machine, Benders, metal/steel tube forming machines, water/mechanical presses, grinding/polishing/jointing equipment, deburring machines, lathe/lapping/drilling work centers, various tool storage equipment, high precision machine tools/CNC machines/metal cutting machines, machining centers, motor drives, metal process machinery, iron processing equipment, iron making equipment, steel making and continuous casting equipment, resistant material and furnace equipment, tools, related accessories, etc.

3. Metal processing: various types of arc welding, plasma welding, resistance welding, solid-state pressure welding, laser welding, electroslag welding, surface surfacing welding, friction welding, inert gas tungsten protection welding, melting electrode gas protection arc welding, active gas protection welding electron beam welding equipment and processing equipment, gas-oil cutting welding, copper welding, remote control welding, rotary welding hard (soft) brazing equipment, special sets of welding equipment, welding auxiliary equipment, welding robot, high-frequency induction heating equipment, welding auxiliary equipment, welding detection instruments, welding protection, etc. Spraying equipment, welding robots, high-frequency induction heating equipment, welding auxiliary equipment, welding detection instruments, welding protection, etc.; CNC cutting machine, CNC cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, flame cutting machine, shearing machine, hydraulic cutting machinery, etc. Metal cutting machine tools, metal processing centers, milling machines, ordinary lathes and automated lathes, boring machines, sawing machines, inserting machines, broaching machines, planing machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, honing, grinding, sandblasting, polishing and super-finishing machines; metal forming machine tools: sheet metal cutting machine tools and processing centers, plate / sheet / profile shears, plate / sheet spinning machine tools, punching machines, punching presses, step contouring machines, various Pressure machine tools; special processing machine tools, EDM processing equipment, electrochemical processing equipment, etc.

4. Materials: iron ore, ferroalloys, non-ferrous metals, coke, smelting and casting materials, heat treatment materials, refractory materials, welding materials, rigid plates, coils, various rolled steel, ship plates, boiler plates, special steel types, steel sections, steel circulation and distribution of ferrous and non-ferrous metal manufacturing and production; various types of steel pipes; various types of profiles and plates; stainless steel, special steel and various alloy materials; various metal wire. Electrodes and carbon products; metal processing equipment, tools, technology, etc.; testing and control systems; casting production process and technology; refractory materials and metallurgical furnace materials; steel service centers and warehousing; transportation and logistics; e-commerce and information technology, etc.

Graphite Electrode is an indispensable raw material for modern electric arc furnace steel making, and plays a very important role in smelting high quality steel. Jianglong Carbon Group is the only group enterprise with a full set of production process in north Jiangsu Province, China, providing ultra-high power (UHP) Graphite Electrodes and high power (HP) Graphite Electrodes of various sizes from 100-750mm, which can meet various demands of electric arc furnace steelmaking. Welcome to visit our booth to discuss cooperation!

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